Who Will You Meet?

  • President/Chairman/CEO
  • Vice President of Operations
  • Vice President of Fleet
  • Vice President of Purchasing
  • Vice President of Fleet Maintenance
  • Fleet Chief Engineer
  • Chief Engineer for Natural Gas Vehicles
  • Senior Director of Fleet Operations
  • Director of Fleet
  • Director of Transportation
  • Director of Equipment
  • Director of Sustainability
  • Fleet Manager
  • Fleet Asset Manager

Plus Key Industry Stakeholders From.....

  • Truck Manufacturers
  • Natural Gas Suppliers
  • Fuelling Infrastructure Manufacturers
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Natural Gas Engine Manufacturers
  • Utilities
  • Specialist Conversion Companies
  • Gas Tank Manufacturers
  • Natural Gas Vehicle Maintenance Specialists

Natural Gas Fleet Vehicles: Adoption & Operation ROI Congress

Clearly there has been much discussion in the industry regarding potential use of natural gas fleet vehicles with such favorable pricing following the shale gas boom. Abundance alone however, is not enough to ensure widespread adoption, with some skepticism remaining over the actual cost of ownership and whether over the long-term this negates the current high upfront costs.

Moving from projections to understanding real experiences of early adopters and those who have recently invested, we are delighted to return with the second edition of the Natural Gas Fleet Vehicles 2013: Adoption And Operation ROI Congress.

Known for delivering the most comprehensive breakdown of the costs of fleet integration, the 2013 congress will not only provide an A-Z for those considering adoption, but will also go a step further to look at in-depth operational costs being experienced, providing useful benchmarking data for those who have already begun investing.

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Key Issues Being Discussed:
  • Fleet Operator Data Revealing The Actual Payback On Natural Gas Vehicle Adoption: Analysis On Strategic Tipping Points Of Cost And Technical Performance Which Must Be Achieved To Ensure Fleet Uptake
  • OEM Plans For Technology Cost Reduction: Showcasing vehicle manufacturer innovation for enabling cost reduction, broader choice and improved performance
  • Real World Operation Business Case & ROI Analysis: Utilizing Long Term Performance Data To Refine Understanding Of The Realistic Cost For Introduction And Operation
  • Infrastructure Growth And Investment: Investigating The Road Map For Infrastructure Development And Matching Fleet Requirements To Infrastructure Type
  • Detailed Maintenance Costs & Schedules: Advancing Fleet Operator Understanding Of The System Longevity, Service Schedule And Cost Of Replacement
  • Vehicle Performance Advancements: Detailing the latest innovations in Engine Performance, Fuel Economy Maximization And Range Support
  • Government Incentives And Support: Specifying the tax, grant and regulation plans for the promotion of natural gas fuel

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7 Key Reasons Why This Is The Must-Attend Natural Gas Fleet Vehicle Forum...

  • Detailed Focus On Actual Costs: Scrutinizing the payback and financial results from fleets who have already invested, rather than just projections with a full breakdown from introduction to real world operation
  • Fleet Operator Led Speaker Panel: Featuring 18+ briefings encompassing the full range of natural gas know-how from early adopters to first time introducers across both LNG and CNG fleets
  • Vehicle OEM Discussion Panel On Reducing The Cost Of The Technology: Uncover OEM visions on when the upfront vehicle costs will begin to drop and advancements in terms of payload and fuelling time
  • A-Z Business Case Analysis On Adoption: Breaking down the multi-faceted business decision including upfront vehicle purchase cost, conversion strategy, fuelling options and vehicle performance data
  • Comprehensive Evaluation Of Maintenance & Operating Costs: Understanding the true picture of through life costs from maintenance to shop refitting & fuel economy performance
  • Detailed Investigation Of Fuelling Options And Infrastructure Availability: Cost benefit analysis of onsite and mobile infrastructure investment as well as experiences with establishing partnerships
  • Enjoy Destination City Location - Austin, Texas: Take the opportunity to visit the "live music capital of the world" to host your networking outside the conference proceedings
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